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"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein

Innovation is the single entity and element that ensures dynamism of a system in general and organizations and businesses of any size and nature in particular. Following innovative and pragmatic solutions are based on the extensive global experiences in multi sectors, pioneered by our firm and are practiced successfully daily in assisting businesses and organizations of all sizes and natures:

©Diamond Total Management (DTM) Business Excellence Model

Although a business may adapt the most sophisticated management system, the most fundamental reason for the common systematic shortfall in all organization lies in their One Dimensional approaches. To furnish an organization and business of any size and entity with a practical and flexible solution, accrete, The Business Excellence Realization, has introduced the innovative ©Diamond Total Management (DTM) Business Excellence Model.

As the only coherent business and organizational solution in securing a sustained and successful future, 
©Diamond Total Management (DTM) with its ten subsets of ©DRP
*, QFD, PM, ©IER*, SMART, ©SCCCC*, Stability, FMEA, Variation, and PA has dynamically integrated both the bodies of knowledge and expertise in the fields of Concept, Project, Process and Quality Management and introduced a macro level multi-dimensional and practical business model.

©Human Intelligence Management (HIM) and Human Emotion Realization (HER); ©HIM & HER*:

Based on the book titled The HIM & HER, human being's undiscovered mystery, authored by Rahmat Ushaksaraei, Intelligence and Emotion are the building blocks of every human being. Accordingly, the ©Human Intelligence Management (HIM) and ©Human Emotion Realization (HER) are pioneered by Rahmat Ushaksaraei as two unsurpassed methodologies, which allow us to understand Intelligence and Emotion, their internal interactions in every human being and their outward ones with others specially in groups and organizations.

The success of the unsurpassed ©Diamond Total Management (DTM) Business Excellence Model is attributed to its solid structure of ©Human Intelligence Management (HIM) and ©Human Emotion Realization (HER), which deal with impacts of two building blocks of every human being, i.e. Intelligence and Emotion, on the Organizational Architecture, Landscape and Matrix...Read More

©People-Process-Information (PPI)*:

It is an inevitable fact that regardless of the nature or size of an organization or business entity, it starts with People. Naturally, as the next step, the Process ensures organization of thoughts and systems in place. Furthermore, the two fundamental building blocks of People and Process are dynamically linked with bi-directional and continual flow of Information among them.

By considering the building blocks of People, Process and Information, any logical organizational or business solution would need to address the following concurrently:

- People, the interaction among them and their perceptions of each other
- Coherence, feasibility, suitability and stability of existing Process
- Correct perception of People of the existing Process
- Dynamic and appropriate dissemination of the Information by People in support of the existing Process
- Continual evaluation of the interaction between People and Process and fine tuning the flow of Information

©CSA - A pragmatic business approach*:

When it comes to small and mid-size businesses, in a simple analogy, one may define the business structure as a crystal ball, which is supported by a tripod. The three legs of this structure are Cash/Finance (C), Sales/Marketing (S) & Administration (A); in other words ©CSA.

Realistically, one leg may not be either extended or shortened without adjusting the others. Otherwise, the business experiences imbalance causing the crystal ball to tip over. To maintain the overall balance and ensure its dynamism, a comprehensive and simultaneous approach is required towards all three elements
...Read More

©Valuator and ©eValuator*:

Designed specifically for small and mid-size businesses, these evaluation tools are based on practical and successfully proven approaches in dealing with businesses in many sectors and lifelong experiences at both national and international levels. In specific, they evaluate the basic DNA and building blocks of any business; namely ©People-Process-Information (PPI), root cause any possible shortcomings and recommend a macro level set of actions for improving upon them...Read More

*:Developed and pioneered by Rahmat Ushaksaraei, founder and president of accrete, The Business Excellence Realization
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