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The HIM & HER - Authored by Rahmat Ushaksaraei
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Based on the book titled "The HIM & HER, human being's undiscovered mystery", authored by Rahmat Ushaksaraei, Intelligence and Emotion are the building blocks of every human being. Accordingly, the ©Human Intelligence Management (HIM) and ©Human Emotion Realization (HER) are pioneered by Rahmat Ushaksaraei as two unsurpassed methodologies, which allow us to understand Intelligence and Emotion, their internal interactions in every human being and their outward effects towards and with others specially in groups and organizations.

Beyond Racial, Cultural, Gender & Generational Differences, all Human Beings posses Common Building Blocks of Intelligence & Emotion and SIX Attributes, which their variations, stemmed from ©2 to the Power of 6 Human Phenomenon, are the sources of True Human Diversity resulting in Continually Reshaping ©CONNECTED ©64-Dimensional Human Being.

human being's untold story!
The Dynamically Reshaping 64 Dimensions of a Human Being is forming ©Intellectual & Emotional Footprints and continually adding Dynamism and Fluidity impacting others and the surrounding. In specific, disregard of the ©Organizational Architecture Configuration of Standard Hierarchical, Inverted, Flat or other structures, the ©Organizational Landscape is continually being influenced by People, the Dynamic Attribute of the ©People-Process-Information Organizational DNA. Due to the inherent complexity of these phenomena, Post-Industrialization Organizational & HR Doctrine face challenges in realizing them with the naked eyes and hence, need to #LearnToSee!

©Intellectual & Emotional Footprints

Evolution of Organizational and HR views of People
In the era of emerging technologies and economic and socioeconomic changes, the fundamentals of traditional practices and approaches towards People in context of an organization applicable since the beginning of the industrialization are being challenged. This issue has impacted many organizations globally and has undermined the stability of their ©Organizational Architecture, Landscape and Matrix attributes and ©People-Process-Information Organizational DNA. Additionally, the symptoms of this phenomenon have revealed themselves in the global challenges with Talent Attraction, Engagement and Retention.

Now, if one further evaluates the building elements of an ©Organizational Architecture, Landscape and Matrix, it becomes evident that the stability of the entire structure is dependent on the ©Organizational DNA; i.e. ©People-Process-Information. Additionally, since the "People" aspect of the ©Organizational DNA is the dynamic element, its microstructure is directly impacting the health of the overall system.

The ©HIM & HER go beyond the static, traditional and historical approaches towards People in the context of an organization. Surpassing the prescribed approaches since the beginning of the industrialization, the ©HIM & HER employ unparalleled and dynamic views in discovering the mystery of the human being with respect to ©Organizational Architecture, Landscape and Matrix attributes and ©People-Process-Information Organizational DNA. In essence, when it comes to an organization, the ©HIM & HER prescribe a fundamental change of view towards People aspect.
Talent Attraction; ©CONNECTED ©64-Dimensional Human Being
Talent Engagement and Retention; ©CONNECTED ©64-Dimensional Human Being
Organizational Culture; ©CONNECTED ©64-Dimensional Human Being
Based on the principles of the ©HIM & HER and to assist organizations in achieving and surpassing Organizational Excellence and as the result of extensive research, study and practical experience, as the only 360 degrees global solution, the modern, and unparalleled ©emerge, a journey beyond ordinary, program has been developed:

Comprehensive and Modern 360º Global Organizational & HR Solution
As the only global solution, the ©emerge - Program Brochure details the modern, unsurpassed and revolutionary ©emerge, a journey beyond ordinary, program.

So, in summary, our Vision is:

To educate and transform organizations globally via the unsurpassed ©emerge, a journey beyond ordinary, the ©360 Degrees Organizational and HR Solution, to steer away from their current Traditional and Obsolete Organizational and HR views and practices and start modernization to ©PART (Perceive, Appreciate, Respect and Treat) People, the dynamic attribute of ©People-Process-Information Organizational DNA, as Common Building Blocks of Intelligence & Emotion, beyond Racial, Cultural and Gender Differences, mistaken as Human Diversity, above Traditional subsets of EI & EQ models and far from General Labels, while understanding the ©26 Human Phenomenon and nature of ©Intellectual and Emotional Footprints impacting their ©Organizational Landscape.

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Rahmat UshaksaraeiRahmat Ushaksaraei is a Senior Executive Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business International (IIB) (, President of accrete, The Business Excellence Realization (, a senior executive leadership coaching, advisory and consulting to large corporations and business coaching and advisory to small and mid-size businesses with executive links in 38 countries, author of The HIM & HER, human being’s undiscovered mystery, book, pioneer of ©Human Intelligence Management (©HIM) and ©Human Emotion Realization (©HER) methodologies and ©64-Dimensional Human Being, architect of the ©emerge, a journey beyond ordinary, program as part of the globally unsurpassed Comprehensive and 360º Organizational & HR ©DISRUPTION and Modernization Solution including ©People-Process-Information Organizational DNA, ©Organizational Landscape, ©Key People Indicator (©KPI) and ©Intellectual & Emotional Footprints, author of numerous business article collections, presenter, Professional Engineer (P.Eng.), Project Management Professional (PMP), renowned expert in Concept, Project, Process, Quality and Communication, international marketing, pioneer of ©Diamond Total Management (DTM) business excellence model with subsets of ©DRP, QFD, PMI, ©IER, SMART, ©SCCCC, Stability, Lean, FMEA, Variation, and PA and ©CSA methodologies, Founder & CEO of AEON Engineering Group Inc. (, Founder of GeBTL (, Global executive Business & Trade Links, the only global top level executives' business platform, and Founder of Bio Wood Pellet (

Private and Public Sectors are included but not limited to:

Automotive, Renewable Energy, Finance, Solar, Electrical, Biomass, Commodities, Manufacturing, Printing, Construction & IT 

*:Rahmat Ushaksaraei, founder and president of accrete, The Business Excellence Realization
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