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October 2012 Edition   

Founder's Monthly Message

Rahmat Ushaksaraei

In the age of high speed information technology, the world seems smaller than ever. As a result, naturally the exchange of information is at a higher pace.

In other words, the validity of disseminated information is short lived and it may even become obsolete before reaching its intended destination. For businesses, this dynamism is often translated into a missing on the chances of engaging in business opportunities.

Compare to the
national or local levels business interactions, inevitably, the importance of information is more appreciated in large corporations. Yet, it is not to undermine the value of information and communication to small and mid-size businesses. In reality, due to lower risk threshold of the small and mid-size businesses, developing a reliable infrastructure for managing information and adapting best communication practice is extremely important.

Surprisingly, whenever this topic is raised, overwhelmed with the enormity of this issue, the immediate and typical first reactions among majority of key decision makers of small and mid-size business are summarized as:

- Why is this issue is so important?
- Investing our hard earned asset in traditional media and newly developed online gadgets have not had the anticipated ROI. So, why do we have to spend more time and energy on analyzing this issue?
- Should not a business concentrate on more important hardcore business matters such as sales, marketing, development of new products and services, running an efficient business and its finance?

In response to these valid concerns, in very simple terms:

- The ability of a business
in dealing with the volume of received information on a daily basis has a direct relation to its business growth.
- The Art is to utilize the Science in filtering the valuable information while appreciating the fact that ignoring them merely hinders the growth of a business and impacts its bottom line.
- No reaction to the received information is in fact a negative marketing, portraying the image that the business is not interested in growing.

Unfortunately, in more than 95% of the cases
particularly among Canadian small and mid-size businesses, disseminated information hardly receives a reaction or response. Yet, the irony is that the same businesses wonder that why their businesses never get the energy boost that they are starving for. 

So, to find the right balance, I would sincerely hope that the content of this article be the first step in appreciating the value of information and communication as the fundamental reason for the business growth.

Rahmat Ushaksaraei

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SickKids Foundation

If one could grant you three business wishes, what would they be?

1- In an ever evolving and competitive market, what are the primary short/long term objectives and their related challenges in your business?
2- Nationally and/or internationally, how would you reach the potential market and establish business alliance, and how would you maintain the business balance and ensure its competitiveness?
3- Considering the Book Value versus Market Value Reality Check, what is the true value of your business in the market?
4- To exit your business in a foreseen or an unforeseen future, transfer it to someone, or simply limit your scope of involvement, when is the right time to start planning, where would you start from, and what are the critical elements that you would be required to consider?

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Disregard of the nature of a business, its three building blocks are People, Process and Bi-directional Information flow between People and Process. Also, these building blocks impact the three fundamentals of CSA (Cash/Finance - Sales/Marketing - Administration) within a business.

So, as key decision maker(s) of a business, have you ever wondered that despite covering all business angles why there are cases, which would get out of control?

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Whom one knows...; a business reality!

Just imagine that today I would personally introduce you to my 5000 senior level contacts in 38 countries including Canada. Also, within the same offer, consider that all their expertise from any type of businesses imaginable and their local connections will be at your fingertip to benefit the business that you may own, you are partner with, you may have a key position in or merely have vested interest in its growth. Would this offer benefit you and the business that you are involved with? Why? Think about it!

Traditionally, it has been always preached by business scholars that "what one knows" is the key element of the business success. Recently, especially among emerging entrepreneurial business approaches, it is being favoured more that "whom one knows" is the foundation of an exponential business growth.

Although, from a realistic point of view the dynamic and continual shift of balance between these two elements is the key, without undermining the importance "what one knows", let us entertain the emerging idea of having the right business connection.

Almost 20 years ago, I had a business discussion with a well versed individual giving me the hint that in the next two decade, "Information" and "knowing how and where to obtain it" will have the highest values for a business. Reflecting on this conversation, and in comparison with many famous business academia and institutes, who were collectively wrong in their business and economic forecasts, it allows me to strongly suggest that he was truly a business visionary.

In this respect and in today's volatile, competitive and continually shifting market, without a doubt, having the right information and knowing trusted business contacts are important factors in sustaining and stabilizing a business and walking through the doors of opportunities, which are opened as the result, and materializing the emerging opportunities.

As discussed previously and in many occasions, opportunities exit around us, pass by us, knock on our doors and it is our prime responsibility to materialize them. In this regard and especially in the case of successful businesses, although their fortunes are often related to "Business Luck", if examined carefully, the meaning of Luck becomes more tangible, where the famous quote defines it as "What that happens when preparation meets opportunity."

Now, to streamline our thoughts, let's highlight the key points:

- For a successful business, we need Information and Right Connections
- To take advantage of the presented Opportunities we need to be Prepared

It sounds simple!; so, why aren't we following these simple principles?

The blunt response is that majority of small and mid-size businesses would not know how and are extremely shy and reluctant in admitting it. Also, in small number of cases that businesses are open and appreciative of these facts, there is hardly a pragmatic plan in place to follow it through. The value of such plan becomes more evident, where instead of venturing off in adapting many communication venues and media sporadically without a guaranteed ROI, a realistic simple approach may produce better and more desirable results.

So, considering above, Being Prepared manifests itself in Planning.

In a nutshell:

- Opportunities exist around us
- In order to know about the opportunities, we need Information and the Right Connections
- In order to materialize the opportunities, which are obtained via Information and Connections, we need to be Prepared
- Being Prepared simplifies itself in a Pragmatic Planning

Connection Information Opportunity Planning Succ
From the above discussion, it is very simple to appreciate the value of Right Connections as the main catalyst in originally opening the doors of new and untapped business opportunities.

Upon acknowledging this very essence of the business, it becomes the primary role of the key decision maker of the business:

- to be directly involved in business communication and be very responsive to it
- or, in lieu, develop a pragmatic and realistic plan ensuring that others, who are better suited for this sensitive task, are readily available and responsive

Now, considering the above brief discussion:

- What is the number of daily communication directly addressed to you?
- From above, what is the percentage of the communication, which are normally ignored by you?
- If responded to an enquiry or disseminated information, what is the time frame of your response?
- From the ignored portion, what is the percentage of lost business opportunities by your business?
- How well developed are your business connections locally, nationally and internationally?
- How would you nurture the professional relations with your key business contacts?
- What is the level of planning in your business in translating the connections and information into opportunities and eventually into business success?

and many more...

If in doubt, contact me directly and let's have a business chat!

About the author: Rahmat Ushaksaraei is an Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB), Founder of GeBTL, Global executive Business & Trade Links, the only global top level executives' business platform, Founder of Bio Wood Pellet, representing the North American producers of the wood pellet in the global market, Founder and CEO of AEON Engineering Group Inc., President of the accrete, The Business Excellence Realization , an author, presenter, Professional Engineer (P.Eng.), Project Management Professional (PMP), renowned expert in Concept, Project, Process, Quality and Communication Management,  business executive and leadership coach to large corporations, business mentor and advisor to small and mid-size businesses, pioneer of Diamond Total Management (DTM)business excellence model and Human Intelligence Management (HIM)and Human Emotion Realization (HER)methodologies and architect of the valuator™ and evaluator™ business evaluation tools for small and mid-size businesses. Rahmat Ushaksaraei may be reached at: Rahmat Ushaksaraei

How would I know the strengths and weaknesses in my business?

valuator™ and evaluator™

- As a key decision maker of a business, have you ever wondered that why despite your personal business vision, mentoring of the others at every possible step of the way and even managing some of the related business tasks to the smallest details on your own, it seems that there is always something, which prevents you from reaching the desired result?!

- Did you ever wish that there was something, which would point out the exact problems to you confidentially, recommend some of the possible solutions privately and allow you to deal with the issues on your term and at your leisure?!

Based on the proprietary principle of People-Process-Information™ methodology, valuator™ and evaluator™, are simple, to the point, pragmatic, unsurpassed and revolutionary 17-questions business evaluation tools that allow a key decision maker to conduct an automatic macro level analysis of a business of any nature at his/her leisure. For further information, please click on the image below:

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