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November 2011 Edition   

Founder's Monthly Message

It is an inevitable fact that issues are perceived differently by each person. Normally, a perception is the basis of forming an opinion about something or someone. At its extent, perception is the main reason for initiating an action or reaction towards something or someone.

When it comes to a business, the issue of perception may take of many shapes, forms and degrees of complexity.

Generally, as experience has shown, the larger a business entity is, the more focused the concept of perception
is within the organization. In such case, the way in which business matters are perceived and translated are more directed by a collection of well established company policies that have been developed over time.

In case of small and mid-size businesses, generally the issue of "Business Perception" is overlooked and is more convoluted.

Many past and present cases have shown that among small and mid-size businesses, omission of a focused approach to the issue of "business perception", its importance and impact are common.

Unfortunately, although the importance of this key matter is normally undermined by many small and mid-size businesses for variety of reasons, in reality, its tangibility is felt when it is too late.

In other words, upon a business failure, when an after-fact "Lessons Learned" or "Cause and Effect" analysis is conducted, it is only then that root causes are traced back to incorrect initial Business Perceptions.

In any case, no matter how the issue of Business Perception is valued by the key decision maker of a small or mid-size business, in essence, its role in success or failure of a business can't be denied or undermined.

So, let us be proactive and pay close attention to the issue of Business Perception. During this process, let us be vigilant especially towards fully understanding its inherent potential and utilizing it in increasing the chance of the success of a business.

To assist you during this exercise, I would sincerely hope that content of this issue be an eye opener towards realizing the importance of the "Business Perception".

Rahmat Ushaksaraei

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Business Perception!

Without a doubt Business Perception is the key factor in either success or failure of a small and mid-size business.

In the most simplistic term, Business Perception deals with the concept of "How well the issues that a business comes into contact with are understood and regarded". Naturally, the initial understanding of a subject results in ways in which a "Business is influenced by the same initial understanding". From a Cause and Effect point of view, the initial understanding or perception of an issue is the Root Cause of the Effect that it will have on a business.

To simplify this perhaps complex issue, let's narrow down our focus to only the key decision maker's role related to the business matters. In doing so, in no order of significance or importance, some of the tangible issues pertaining to the business perceptions are illustrated below:
Business Perception
At this point, we need to consider that similar to any aspect of a business, a Business Perception may be of two main natures:

a- Internal
b- External

In essence, the Internal Business Perception manifest itself in recognizing the critical internal matters, their configurations and corresponding interactions with each other ones. In particular, among many existing factors, the Internal Business Perception deals with issues such as Business Goal, Future, Growth, Survival, Sales, Investment, Finance, Staff, Information and Exit.

Complementing the Internal Business Perception, the External one 
embodies one's realization of the externally critical business issues such as Sales, Client, Supplier, Market, Information and Investment.

It goes without saying that the entire responsibility of fully understanding the nature, value, importance and impact of both Internal and External Perceptions falls on the shoulder of key decision maker(s) of a business. Now, considering the number and variety of involved elements in both Internal and External Business Perceptions, it is clear that how important the role of a Right Business Perception may be on a business. Merely as an example, just imagine that by being either too optimistic or too pessimistic, a key decision maker has an unrealistic perception regarding the finance of a business.

To further dissect and clarify the Business Perception, the related process is a three-step one:

- Business Perception paves the road for forming an Opinion.
- In turn, with the addition of presumption, an Opinion becomes the ground for making a Decision.
- Finally, a Decision will be the force behind an Action.
Business Perception Process is a 3-Level One
Now just picture the impact of even the most insignificant business thought, which crosses a key decision maker's mind. In such case, as the consequence of an incorrect formed opinion and an action resulted by it, an irreversible impact on the business may be unavoidable. In other words, it is extremely critical to fully realize and appreciate the value, sensitivity and impact of even a single perception in the overall stability of a business.

In a broader sense, the complex interactions between internal and external elements depicts the high possibilities of matters easily getting out of hand, if a business perception related to any of these elements are not correct and realistic.

Now, in approaching the issue of Business Perception, we need to consider that the correct approach is twofold:

i - Static
ii - Dynamic

In a Static approach to the key elements of Internal and External Business Perceptions, each sub-element depicted in red circles is required to be fully understood, controlled and evaluated independently of the others. Within this approach, it is extremely important to ensure that all fundamentals of People-Process-Information1 are well understood and are in place. During the evaluation process, if a gap is identified, it is mandatory to bridge it ensuring the stability of CSA2 balance.
In a Dynamic approach to these key elements, all dynamic interactions between various elements are required to be perceived, defined, measured, analyzed, improved and controlled. This is to ensure the overall health of the entire business and its interactions. Similar to Static approach, every identified gap is required to be bridged appropriately.

So, considering the importance of the Business Perception on your business:

- From experience, what is the percentage of a Business Perception impacting your business in either positive or negative way?
- From a more technically oriented business practice point of view, what is the the systematic process within your business, where it allows appropriate evaluation of the Business Perceptions?
- How familiar are you with methods of evaluating a Business Perception and taking advantage of the ones expressed by your staff?

If in doubt, contact me directly and let's have a business chat!
1- People-Process-Information methodology has been developed by Rahmat Ushaksaraei - All Rights Reserved.
2- CSA (Cash/Finance, Sales/Marketing, Administration)
methodology has been developed by Rahmat Ushaksaraei - All Rights Reserved.

About the author: Rahmat Ushaksaraei is an Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB), Founder of GeBTL, Global executive Business & Trade Links, the only global top level executives' business platform, Founder of Bio Wood Pellet, representing the North American producers of the wood pellet in the global market, President of the accrete, The Business Excellence Realization , an author, presenter, Professional Engineer (P.Eng.), Project Management Professional (PMP), renowned expert in Concept, Project, Process, Quality and Communication Management,  business executive and leadership coach to large corporations, business mentor and advisor to small and mid-size businesses, pioneer of Diamond Total Management (DTM)business excellence model and Human Intelligence Management (HIM)and Human Emotion Realization (HER)methodologies and architect of the valuator™ and evaluator™ business evaluation tools for small and mid-size businesses. Rahmat Ushaksaraei may be reached at:

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People-Process-Information methodology has been developed by Rahmat Ushaksaraei - All Rights Reserved.
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