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February 2011 Edition   

Founder's Monthly Message

It is a well known fact that marketing is the complementing element of sales and its inseparable component. Also, it is proven that without a coherent and pragmatic marketing strategy, sales of a business either remains flat or diminishes over time.

Among small and mid-size businesses however the issue of marketing is viewed somehow differently and often presents itself as two forms and challenges:

1- Hesitance in accepting that marketing truly adds value to a business. This is a cultural issue among some businesses, where sales is viewed as the focal point and therefore the impact of marketing on it is considered insignificant.
2- Viewing and treating marketing as an business expense rather than investment. Once again, since the true value of marketing is not appreciated, businesses often budget the lowest amount of time, energy and funds towards it. On the opposite extreme, others may allocate lots of resources without fully conducting the necessary analysis first. In either case, inadequate results are often quoted in dismissing the importance and value of marketing.

In coaching and advising the key decision makers of small and mid-size businesses, almost every day I come across various shades and degrees of these two challenges and in my view addressing them is an overdue matter.

In summary, although it is not intended to outline and discuss all elements of a coherent marketing strategy in this forum, yet I would certainly hope that the contents of February 2011 issue be the first step in triggering your thinking process and allowing you to take the necessary steps towards appreciating the true role of marketing.

Rahmat Ushaksaraei

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quick business tips!

Question: What is the criterion in determining the usefulness and applicability of a business approach?

Our Response: The FFF criterion; F: Form, F: Fit and F: Function.

Question: How would the FFF criterion qualifies a business approach?

Our Response: Form is to ensure that the approach is simple, is correctly outlined and is user friendly; Fit is to ensure that the approach is compatible with the surrounding and it complements other existing ones; Function is to ensure that the approach is suitable, practical and functional.  

The importance of a Marketing Message

Starting from "Decoding the Marketing" to its simple building blocks allows us to appreciate Marketing as a significant business tool and raise our awareness and increase our ability in developing a customized, simple, pragmatic and coherent version of it for any business.

Furthermore, similar to any business tool, Marketing needs to convince one's intelligence by adhering to the three elements of any useful business approach; Form, Fit and Function.

In simple terms, the building blocks of Marketing are:

- Message: There is an important Message that needs to be disseminated.
- Audience: Message needs to reach and impact certain Audience of interest.
- Medium: Certain elements will be required to deliver the Message to the Audience effectively and as planned.

In order to simplify our approach to the complex issue of Marketing, let us start with one of its basic building blocks; i.e. Message.

Although it may seem trivial, to demonstrate the importance of Marketing Message and its complexity, let us consider the following:

Step a: If I would gather 100 people in a room and just say the word "Apple", what would be the chances that every one in the room would picture "Green Apple" in his/her mind?

As one would imagine, although I may have meant Green Apple, the percentage will be as small as the number of various types of apple existed in the world as fruit and even going to the extreme cases, where some may visualize a piece of technology such as cell phone and computer.

Step b: Now let us take it one step further, where I would show the same 100 people a Green Apple and ask them to guess whether it is "sweet or sour". In this case, what would be the chances that every one says "sour"?

Once again statistically, the chance may be slim, yet logically there is a chance of 50% for either case of sweetness and sourness.

Step c: At the final stage, let us imagine that I could physically cut the same Green Apple in 100 pieces and distribute it among the same 100 people. In this case, what would be the chances for anyone Not Changing his/her original vote on sweetness or sourness?

Your guess would be as good as mine!, yet obviously, based on person's perception of sweetness and sourness, after having a bite, there is a 50% chance of changing his/her mind.

Although a simple analogy:

Step a: Sending a Marketing Message out verbally hoping to be perceived certain way.
Step b: Sending a Marketing Message Verbally and Visually with certain expectations as the outcome.
Step c: When Marketing Message reached the Audience, Perceived by them and true Reactions towards Marketing Message were made.

It goes without saying that one's perception of Marketing practice may range from "Step a" to "Step c" and/or all possible combinations of the three steps. Furthermore, in every occasion, time, energy, resources and funds may be allocated and one would always wonder about why the expected results were never reached!

Now, knowing the above, the main questions are:

1- How well is your Marketing Message defined for your business?

2- How well is your Business Marketing Message delivered?
3- How well is your Business Marketing Message perceived by your audience?

If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact me directly.

About the author: Rahmat Ushaksaraei is an Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB), Founder of GeBTL, Global executive Business & Trade Links, the only global top level executives' business platform, Founder of Bio Wood Pellet, representing the North American producers of the wood pellet in the global market, President of the accrete, The Business Excellence Realization , an author, presenter, Professional Engineer (P.Eng.), Project Management Professional (PMP), renowned expert in Concept, Project, Process, Quality and Communication Management,  business executive and leadership coach to large corporations, business mentor and advisor to small and mid-size businesses, pioneer of Diamond Total Management (DTM)business excellence model and Human Intelligence Management (HIM)and Human Emotion Realization (HER)methodologies and architect of the valuator™ and evaluator™ business evaluation tools for small and mid-size businesses. Rahmat Ushaksaraei may be reached at:

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