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2016 - 2017 In-house tailored business best practices training & seminar offered by accrete, The Business Excellence Realization.

November 2010

Introduction of the revolutionary and pragmatic business evaluation tools of valuator™ and evaluator™.

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valuator™ and evaluator™

Disregard of the nature of a business, its three building blocks are People, Process and Bi-directional Information flow between People and Process. Also, these building blocks impact the three fundamentals of CSA (Cash/Finance - Sales/Marketing - Administration) within a business.

So, as key decision maker(s) of a business, have you ever wondered that despite covering all business angles why are there cases, which would get out of control?

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valuator™ and evaluator™ are simple,  revolutionary and pragmatic business evaluation tools designed specifically for small and mid-size businesses. They have been developed based on the fundamentals of Diamond Total Management Business Excellence Model1 and its unrivalled Human Intelligence Management2 & Human Emotion Realization3 methodologies. For details, please contact our Founder

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