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Rahmat Ushaksaraei
Rahmat Ushaksaraei
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Dear Key Decision Maker,

1- In an ever evolving and competitive market, what are the primary short/long term objectives and their related challenges in your business?
2- Nationally and/or internationally, how would you reach the potential market and establish business alliance, and how would you maintain the business balance and ensure its competitiveness?
3- If one could grant you three business wishes, what would they be?
4- Considering the Book Value versus Market Value Reality Check, what is the true value of your business in the market?
5- To exit your business in a foreseen or an unforeseen future, transfer it to someone, or simply limit your scope of involvement, when is the right time to start planning, where would you start from, and what are the critical elements that you would be required to consider?

When it comes to small and mid-size businesses, hardly there is adequate time and resource in conducting a realistic business evaluation and addressing the root causes of the matters. So, instead, time and effort are spent on finding remedies for visible symptoms.

More importantly, it is either very difficult or hardly there are time and/or adequate resources for developing practical Finance, Sales & Marketing and Administrative strategies that the business truly needs for its survival and growth.

Since we understand business from both macro corporate and micro small and mid-size perspectives and assisted them in reaching their dreams and objectives, we know that somehow we have to dig down, identify the root causes of the issues and deal with them once and for all and develop pragmatic strategies that allows businesses to survive and grow in a competitive market. 

In doing so, we do not take a corporate approach to issues of small and mid-size businesses, we do not follow the static and impractical business theories offered by business academia and we do not practice the existing one dimensional approach in the business coaching, advisory and consulting; on the contrary, we take pride in being absolutely different.

Additionally, by relying on the collective senior executive level expertise and real business connections in 38 countries around the globe, we present the most pragmatic business support, which otherwise would be extremely difficult for 
small and mid-size businesses to attain in one spot. In a nutshell:

We start, when others stop1

So, I would start by inviting you to a one-on-onefully subsidized, private and confidential business chat with me, where via a CEO to CEO open business discussion and brainstorming, the true inherent potentials of your business are discovered.

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Rahmat Ushaksaraei

Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business International (IIB)

AEON Engineering Group Inc.
Founder and CEO

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