Dedicated to our future; our Hoppy's Family Reunion

By: Neeam Ushaksaraei, Feb. 2010

One day Hoppy decided to go to the airport. At the airport there were many cool things, but the reason that Hoppy was there to go on board of a plane to Africa.

Hoppy had gotten on the plane but had felt sad leaving the city and his friend behind, even if it was only for a week. Then he realized that his friends would be OK and that it would be a chance to see his parents, brothers, and sisters.

When he got to Africa, he was greeted by the entire family. Then, they all went home for a big feast, which Hoppy really enjoyed.

The week he was spending with his parents had passed by quickly so Hoppy returned to his friends in the city and after, they had a huge party!

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